Landscape Excavation in Campbellford

Garden excavation paves the way to all the benefits that high-quality landscaping offers. Increase your property value, block weather and noise with strategic tree placement, control erosion, improve the environment around you, and have more fun entertaining friends and family.

It all starts with hiring professional excavating contractors who have the experience and the equipment—not to mention creativity—to handle any garden excavation project.

At RB's Excavating, landscaping is our life! We have a passion for setting yards up for the best development possible, and believe that really shows in the work we produce.

So, if you require excavation landscaping in Campbellford, give us a call!

Prepare for Patios

Laying a patio isn’t as simple as pouring some concrete or placing some stones. If you want your patio to look good, and last, you’ll need a good foundation, or subgrade.

Our detail-oriented team will lay out the shape of your patio and excavate to the right depth, dealing with any rocks or other problems we run into along the way.

If your yard is hilly, it’s likely the entire space will require regrading. This is exactly what excavation services are for! We’ll take every precaution when creating a flat surface for you to landscape on, and soon you’ll have the best garden in Campbellford.

Prepare for Outbuildings

Landscaping and excavating is necessary if you’re going to continue building on your property. Even if you’re building a home addition, you’ll want to build it on solid ground.

At RB's Excavating, we’re also experienced working with trench work and ditches if drainage is involved.

Insured Earthmoving Contractors

Licensed, bonded, and insured, at RB's Excavating we pride ourselves on going the extra step when other excavation companies will not.

This means we are also ready, willing, and able to haul large amounts of dirt and debris off of your property. Depending on the quantity, we may arrive with a skip to toss it as we go along. Using a small or large truck, we will then dispose of unwanted material accordingly.

Competitive Pricing

Ask any Campbellford homeowner and they’ll tell you that the last thing they want to spend money on is the preparation for landscaping when landscaping itself can be costly.

Our rule since day one at RB's Excavating has been to provide our clients with the most cost and time efficient services possible. This means that we will work closely with you to ensure we stay within budget, and finish all work on time, or early!

Just a Call Away

You’re just one call away from your dream garden. With years of experience and education under our belt, every member of the RB's Excavating team is invested in this field and knows how to work efficiently for competitive rates.

An investment in your property is an investment in the future. Your future of entertaining, creating memories, and if you choose to do so, earning a large return on investment when you sell your home.

Give us a call today. We can book you a free estimate for services right away!